Vendors Application

The following pertains to vendors who wish to become suppliers of products, materials and/or services to Columbus Stainless. Please note that South African suppliers have a different set of criteria to foreign suppliers.

Please use Internet Explorer as browser.

Pointers when applying:

  • Complete application as quick as possible, browser refresh may cause data to be lost
  • Do not use special characters, only numeric and alphanumeric characters
  • Complete all compulsary fields
  • All required documentation should be at hand for submission
  • If the application is not completed correctly it will be rejected

Download and complete the following documents:

  • Payment Terms Declaration:
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (on-site work - South African suppliers)
  • In addition to the above required downloads to be completed, also have the following documentation ready:
    • Company Profile
    • Original bank letter (not older than 3 months)
    • A letter on a company letterhead confirming banking details signed by the CEO or the CFO
    • Company Registration Certificate
    • VAT Certificate (South Africa only)
    • Tax Clearance (South Africa only)
    • Letter of Good Standing (on-site work - South African suppliers)
    • For Foreign vendors: Confirmation on company's letterhead, signed by an authorised signatory that employees are insured
    • Proof of insurance
    • Name Change certification (If applicable)
    • Share Certificate (South Africa only)
    • BBBEE Certificate/Affidavit (South Africa only)
  • Terms and Conditions (For Noting only, upon processing of the application the Terms and Conditions will be signed electronically.)

You are also advised to download our Supplier Information Booklet

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